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          Friends of KML Board

The Friends of the Kent Memorial Library is a volunteer organization whose main purpose is to help provide funding for programming, museum passes, books, media and other requests from the library staff.
The Friends' main money-raising project is our annual book sale in September. This year we raised over $16,000 for the library.
Volunteers work year-round sorting, culling and organizing donated books into many catagories in anticipation of the annual sale. We are looking for a location for sorting and storing books. See the contact page for Information.
President - Beth Chafetz
Vice President - Kerry White
Secretary - Suzy Irwin
Treasurer - Beth Chafetz (interim)

Carl Casinghino   Vineet Gupta
Vern Taylor           Jim Irwin            
Nancy Smith         Lois and Scott Schneider Bev Sikes            Suzanne Richardson-White
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